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Blame it on Hormones

I was just chatting with my sister the other day about the "Skittles incident" that occurred as a result of my super-overactive hormones the other night. And though it wasn't funny at the time, I find myself chuckling now at how ridiculous I was!

I had a candy craving and asked DH to pick up some Skittles at 711 on his way home from work one night. He brought home 3 bags and I ate one. He ate the 2nd the next day. And on the day after that, I took a nap and woke up with a mission: I had to have those Skittles!!! My mouth was watering so bad and I was so excited to eat them lol!

...until I couldn't find them in the pantry and saw the wrapper in the trash...DH had eaten them while I was napping! THE NERVE!!!!!! Instead of just going to the store (or sending him), I proceeded to rage at him first and then burst into tears saying "it's not about the Skittles, it's about the fact that you didn't think of me before thinking of yourself." I made a HUGE deal of it hahaha!

Truth be told--I would never mess with the last pack of any kind of craving for a pregnant lady lol...not sure what he was thinking....but it wasn't a deliberate a-hole move and he didn't deserve my rage. Funny when I think about it now though...hehehe.

Since it was so hilarious to hear about everyone's acting nutty on hormones last week, I thought I would start a new thread of crazy stories to make us all laugh. Today I went to Walgreen's to pick up my antibiotics for my cough and some prescription prenatals. When I went to pay, I told them to just put it on our express pay. The lady told me I don't have an express pay and I firmly assured her that I had had an express pay aco**** with them for over a year. Another tech walked up and said, "Does a gentleman come pick up your meds sometimes?" "Yes," I said, "That's my husband." She said that he had taken me off his express pay account. I told her, in a very loud voice, that this was not possible. She asked if maybe we were having problems and he was taking me off accounts. I very angrily pointed out that I was buying prenatal vitamins and asked why she thought I would be buying prenatal vitamins if I was estranged from my husband. Meanwhile, there is a line of people thoroughly entertained by the whole thing. I finally just paid for it, and later found out that DH changed the card on the account and forgot to put me back on. Oh boy did he get an earful. I told him that the next time he goes to Walgreen's he needs to tell everyone he loves me and is not divorcing me. Of course, I really didn't mean it and know this is a ridiculous request. To make it all even funnier, I came home and unloaded my goods and found the card I bought him while I was waiting for the meds. It is one of those very sappy relationships cards and starts something like, "I know I've been hard to live with lately."

Female Hormones In Beer
Yesterday, scientists in the United States revealed that beer contains small traces of female hormones.

To prove their theory, they fed one hundred men twelve pints of beer and observed that 100 of them started talking nonsense and couldn't drive.

I had a hysterectomy in 97, and for the last couple of years, I have been taking male hormones. This is to help with the hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings!

I got the bottle refilled on July 15, 2009. I notice that my bottle was going down faster than normal, but I thought that I was forgetting that I had already taken one and was "double taking".

Well this morning I caught my stepson (19) taking my hormones pills

Seems like his body building buddy, told him that he needed to start taking male hormones, so he started taking mine!

Now I have 1 pill left, and can't get a refill till next month on the 15!

I told him, when I start with my "wild mood swings" then he will have wish that he had stayed out of my pills!

I guess I am just glad that they weren't pain pills.


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