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Anxiety can make you feel like you are trapped in a glass box.

Find medicine and treatment centers that specialize in anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

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1st Natural Progesterone

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1st Natural Progesterone

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This site was originally established as an affiliate site, of sorts, for progesterone cream. That venture came and went, but over the years information has been collected and new things have been found.

There is no good reason to let all of the quality sites and information go to waste on just little ol' me, so why not share, right?

Of course, right. So all of the fun stuff and silly stuff, as well as some more serious issues can be found and maybe even handle from right here. Actually, here you can kinda of find the story of my life if you read between the lines.

For example, I began this site when I began experiencing menopause and you notice there are links to mesothelioma attorneys and resources sites. This is due to my own personal experience with mesothelioma - nothing fun or silly about that!

You can find information and websites about different medicines and panic attacks - again my own experiences led me to these sites - and I know I am not alone in having to deal with these types of inconveniences.

The gambling and casino sites show a peek into my own silly addictions, the jokes show my sense of humor.

With all that said, I just thought you should know that this site was made with laughter, tears, hard work, diligence, and as corny as it sounds love.

So I hope you enjoy my little corner of the world and find some useful information to help you along your journey.

Anyway, here is my story and experience with menopause and some tips that may help some of you get through THE CHANGE.

Female Heart Attacks

Women should be aware of their bodies, because so many people rely on them to hold families together. Women have a long list of very many important things to remember, such as monitoring your blood pressure which helps to reduce some of the risks associated with high blood pressure, including stroke. This is a nurse's best description I've ever read. read more......

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